Kayla Itsines: How Instagram Made Me A Twenty Three Year Old Entrepreneur

It’s no secret that the use of social media expands one’s ability to communicate with other people from across the globe. Lets face it, we’re all connected now and it’s a beautiful thing if used the correct way.

Some individuals fail to acknowledge the power we have in our hands every day. With the touch of a button we can share information to hundreds of thousands of people.

Whether that information is fruitful, or progressive is up to us. Unfortunately, the majority share content that may not necessarily serve any kind of purpose.

Kayla Itsines has walked the opposite way of that traffic and it has led to her to leverage her following turning it into a loyal consumer base. She spends her days traveling internationally as a successful health and fitness trainer. Not bad for just 23 years old.

Raised in Adelaide, South Australia. Kayla was always into being healthy and fit. Her younger days were filled with sports and working out.

It’s a natural drive deriving from her impatience and need to do something with her free time. As Kayla progressed through life she would own her love for helping people.

Once out of high school, Kayla began studying beauty therapy. Eventually she would discover her love for personal training.

These days, everyone is on the go and time is just not a luxury we seem to have anymore. Recognizing this, Kayla came up with an innovative way to cater to her customer’s time constraints while still delivering the results they were looking for.

Building on that concept, Kayla also acknowledges the new digital age to further push her product. She approached her business model in a way that would build her customer base authentically and allow her to communicate to everyone at one time.

Instagram is a picture playground. It’s our way of sharing our day-to-day experiences through imagery. As a fitness expert, the main way to gain your customers trust is obviously for them to see your results. With nearly 900,000 followers on Instagram alone Kayla has been able to build the trust of her clients.

As you sift through her posts you’ll see photos she’s shared of clients from all over the world who have followed her instructions and received her results.

Additionally, she’s built a community around her Bikini Body Guide. Hundreds of comments fall under every picture that Kayla posts of women who share their appreciation with her as well as their progress.

Her customers speak to each other in these comments almost like a support group at times. They reassure one another and it’s all very genuine.

It’s quite impressive, this environment and sense of support all from a series of photos. It’s actually quite powerful when you think about it.

Kayla is definitely aware of the power of social media and how it has turned her into a successful world known trainer before the age of 25.

Social media is an incredible platform for people to use to drive more interest to their business. I think it’s very important to have organic traffic, to be able to really gage and understand who your audience is.

Don’t think for a second that such a position has removed humility from Kayla’s list of characteristics. She’s quick to point out that she was not always in the best shape.

As a young girl she was always a little “too skinny” as she puts it, and she was often bullied for it. She put in years of training and researching order to get her body to where it is today.

Naturally, Kayla has gotten quite the personal reward from helping women get in shape and changing their lives. She’s seen great success that some people in her field work their entire lives for.

However, Kayla’s got much more in mind. After all at her age this is really just the beginning.

Clearly her work ethic matches her aspirations. Without a doubt Kayla Itsines is a name the fitness world will continue to familiarize with.

If you are considering improving your health, then you’ll be wise to familiarize yourself with her as well.

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