Dressing a Low Contrast Complexion

Figuring your body type is only half of the puzzle when it comes to developing a sense of style, contrast is the other.

Contrast is the difference between your hair and your skin; individuals with a low one don’t differ extremely when it comes to the two.

Low contrast individuals usually have light skin that is paired with light hair, which typically don’t create a frame like other contrasts would. Men that usually fall into this category include:

Nordic men
Anglo-Saxon men
Blonde hair
Ash blonde hair
Bald men
Aging men with grey or white hair

The purpose of style is to accentuate the key attributes, which is usually the face. With the skin complexion having subtle blue and pink undertones, it’s extremely easy for lighter skin tones to appear “washed out” from color hues that do not frame the face.

When a low contrasted face isn’t framed, the face can become easily blended with your attire, which isn’t appealing on any individual no matter how attractive they are.

Choosing Colors for a Low Contrast Complexion

When choosing colors low contrast men should choose colors that are adjacent on the color wheel. When a light skinned man wears colors that are too bold for his complexion the attire draws attention away from their face and brings the attention to their torso. Which isn’t typically the purpose of choosing the selected attire.

While these shades are recommended, a lower contrast can still wear white shirts. However, they should pair it with a light colored suit in tan of light grey hues to neutralize the complete look.

The same rule applies when pairing a white shirt with denim, opt for a lighter denim or pant.

Additional shades and hues that low contrast men should consider:

Warmer tones
Softer shades

Note: If neutrals and muted hues are “too boring” opt for a patterned shirt or tie to add extra flair, just be weary that the patterns don’t create too much of a contrast within themselves.

It’s easy to achieve your overall desired look! It’s starts with knowing the fundamental style principles and knowing the contrast of your skin complexion and hair color are definitely part of those fundamentals.

Creating that monochromatic look will definitely allow you to put your best face forward. How you want to experiment with the tones are up to your color preferences, what colors you feel most confident in, and your personal style choices.

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