Golden Oak Nightstand Decor: the Forest Designs Bullnose Oak Nightstand

Nightstands don’t have to be all dark and deep in their tone so they can look good in the bedroom, you know. In fact, there are many beautiful colors that you might never notice or know of before. So, here we want to bring your attention to golden oak nightstand decor. Let’s take Forest Designs Bullnose Oak Nightstand as the actual example of the kind. There are good things to expect from it.

Smooth and Brightly Charming Color


We can’t ignore the fact that this golden oak toned nightstand is eye catching one with its color. Golden oak is brightly charming look of wooden material. It is bright brown with natural pattern of wood in darker brown. However, with smooth and glossy finish, the nightstand looks like shining gold. Even this furniture should have been able to brighten up dark bedroom space. Nice one, right? Home Furniture Decoration

3 Wide Drawers with No Hardware

When it comes to its storage, this golden oak nightstand decor wouldn’t disappoint you at all. Sure, it has three drawers just like the nightstands commonly. However, the drawers of golden oak nightstand are different. They are big to ensure wide space inside the drawers. Also, they don’t have any hardware on. They just have its upper part sticking out to act as handles to pull the drawers out. bedroom sets for sale

The Dimension to Pair with High Bed

This is nightstand with 3 big drawers we are talking about here. From this fact alone, you should have been able to guess that we’ve got at least high nightstand to place beside your bed. This piece is what’s perfect to pair with high bed, to be exact. If we have to be clear, this golden oak nightstand decor is 19 inches wide, 30 inches high, and 18 inches deep in its dimensions to make it real possible.

Golden oak nightstand décor has brightly charming look in its tone itself. One can be so even with no hardware on to offer 3 drawers and pair with high bed.

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