Our Theory Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters

Have we all recovered from the final smash related direct we’ve had a nice long weekend to process exactly just what happened and whether you’re happy but will it or disappointed with the presentation there’s little denying that you’re all excited about the prospect of five more characters in the form of DLC while the Piranha plant may be hilariously licking the tears and wounds of those that championed shall we say more refined character

There is hope for the DLC and we think we’ve got a theory as to which a majority of the mystery 5 maybe before we into it we would love it if you subscribe for more awesome switch related videos reviews gameplays and features we do it all here you won’t regret it now I just want to stress that this list is not 100% nor do we think that you should take it without a bucketload of salt to go with it this is just our theory so we love it if you’ll humor as the watch and maybe your thoughts – the main crux of our argument stems from the hypothesis that any character that is currently an assist trophy is automatically ruled out this is not to fight nor a rule of the universe nor of Sakurai’s mind that we know if it’s just a safe presumption on our part for the fact that they wouldn’t go to the lengths of creating an assist trophy for a character they had plans for as a full character that makes sense to me

I hope so you – I love this to be untrue but this inherently means that shadow Waluigi and my personal favorite Isaac don’t feature in the DLC plans next time Isaac next time buddy in conjunction with that our theory rest upon those characters that have been mysteriously cut from the roster of assist trophies without much reason at least from a non developers point of view our first three choices come from our theory that they were cut because they were intended to become playable characters in this trio we have number one sake from sin and punishment sake was an assist trophy in both brawl and smash 4 but was cut for ultimate it seems

This is especially odd considering he was often one of the more left-field requests to actually had a bit of yeah why not about him even if you didn’t particularly want him he’d probably fit in with a nice move sir I know his person likes his appearance as an assist trophy I think sake maybe firing his way to switch lineup in the near future does he warrant it maybe not but who knows of Nintendo’s plans for the series the developers of the sin and punishment series treasure have been quiet this past well decade so who knows what they’re up to number two tingle look hates him all you want you can’t deny that tingle is iconic coming from the series that has always struggled to breakout stars aside from link zelda and Ganon tingle is right up there when you think of Zelda side characters like sake tingle was in both brawl and smash for but it shouldn’t from this zumadeluxe.biz

This is a major oddity for me people may love to hate him but he’s tingle and I genuinely cannot see them cutting him as an assist review without good reason he’s a bit of a peculiar fellow but that leaves good room for a quirky move set no doubt as we have seen in Hyrule warriors tingle can fight if he wants to number three Excitebike Excitebike maybe the entry where our cut assist trophy theory fault is slightly for the fact that it was already cooked her ultimate Excitebike was in brawl as an assist trophy but was missing in smash 4 this would have been the part word have to cancel the video and rethink my theory worried not for the fact that Sakurai himself long ago stated they attempted to put Excitebike in Mele but couldn’t figure him out well now maybe is the time after the game is fully out and deadlines less severe

Now is the time they can afford to really think this character through Sakurai wanted him and that’s strong enough suspicions for me and if I’m being honest I think the only reason they were cut from smash 4 was because of the 3ds limitations and worrying about having too many characters on the screen at once that’s not gonna be an issue in Ultima and they could have had them back while there are other assist trophies cut for smash none of them seem quite as likely as this trio it’s just a personal feeling but Advance Wars cat and Anna and lucky too just don’t seem to fit the bill as a full fighter but then you have piranha plants so why do I know there is Magnus from Kid Icarus but if we’re being brutally honest here there are a good few characters from that game who would be way ahead of him so that’s our assist trophy theory out of the way but now we still got two more slots to finish and this is just a bit of a personal opinion and an educated guess number four Fire Emblem character for our fourth choice we really do need to follow the laws of the universe gravity the speed of light

The fact that a comical amount of Fire Emblem characters must be in smash at all times with a new Fire Emblem game three houses not too far on the horizon we think the main protagonist of that or a very important character in the game will be a steady bet for smash this may not be the kind of character people want but who knows they could be awesome let’s just hope they have a spear or something just to change it up a little number five a third party character okay I guess we’re not all knowing the fifth and final spot is the most tough one we can’t guess for certain which character but we are confident in saying that a third party representative may join the fray with that sonic Mega Man pac-man snake cloud Ryo can an even Bayonetta who is next in line to stir the fires of crossover hype it’s a tough one and not one we can place our bets on but Gino tail Sora or maybe they could just implode the whole universe and include Goku that’s a joke I hope okay guys so what do you think of our assist trophy series would you be pleased with these or do you have your own theory

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