What is the IELTS Speaking Test?


IELTS Speaking Tips – The iTSTS speaking test is one of the exams that will be given to you to fulfill all the requirements of the iTTS test. The speaking part of the IELTS test is a part that can make every examinee feel anxious and afraid of failure. How not, because it is in this speaking section that you as a participant will be face to face and speak in English with the test examiner or committee. So that it will make you need a faster and more responsive time to respond and think more sharply, so you can answer correctly and correctly.

To be able to answer various questions from the committee, of course you need ielts speaking tips to be able to give a logical answer in brief. These IELTS speaking tips also aim to broaden your thinking so that it is more productive and critical thinking.
In addition to ielts speaking tips, there are more important things for you to know about the ielts speaking exam. That is the part that is in speaking itself. The following discussion:

Structure Section
Speaking on the ielts itself basically consists of only 11 to 14 parts. Even though it was relatively short, speaking was the part that caused the most people to fail when taking the ielts test. Then the ielts speaking tips must be really understood and you apply it before taking the test.

Speaking section
The speaking test has three important parts that you will skip. Among them:

1. Introduction and Interview (4 to 5 minutes)
In this section the committee will ask you to introduce yourself and ask some simple questions such as hobbies, work, and family. Since this is an introductory session, you should do it in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. This is so that you can adjust more quickly to enter the next question.

2. Individual Long Turn (3 to 4 minutes)
In this section, you will be given a card or paper containing the topics for discussion. After you receive the card, then you will be given about 1 minute to write a short answer that you will submit in an oral manner in the future. You will be given around 1 to 2 minutes to discuss the topic you received. Finally the examiner will ask 1 to 2 questions based on the answers you give. In conditions like this, ielts speaking tips such as finding new topics in English will really help you.

3. Two Way Discussion (4 to 5 minutes)
The third part of speaking is Two-way Discussion, where you will be asked by the examiner to discuss and convey the same topic as in the previous section. The difference is, in this section you will be more active in discussing with examiners than discussing it yourself. In this section also the topics that you discuss can develop wider than you imagine.

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