Is it possible to have a high score in IELTS without taking a course?

Is it possible to prepare the IELTS test without taking a course? Well, the tasks of IELTS test are considered difficult to complete. Therefore, many participants seem not confident enough to join the test without taking the IELTS course as the preparation before. However, taking the course is also not considered the best solution for having a good score. In fact, you may need to spend more money despite paying the test itself which has been really expensive.
Actually, taking the IELTS course is not a must thing to do. There are still many other tricks you can follow t be successful in the test. So, what are they? Here they are.

Prepare the test long before the D-day
Undeniably, there are many tips and tricks to pass the test only in a short period of time. However, it is quite risky and not all people may have enough time for studying hard daily. So, it is indeed better to prepare the test for months. During the time, you should find information about IELTS as much as possible.
Make sure also to know what type of the IELTS to take, whether it is IELTS general or IELTS academic. Then, whatever it is, you must have the insight or knowledge regarding the types of task, topic, theme, and more. During this time also, make sure to look for the best institution to provide the test. You can gain the information related to the cost, services, and validity of the results.

Learn about the Materials
You may have known it that there are 4 major skills tested during the IELTS test. Those skills are closely related to the communication values; they are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. But sure, it is not enough; you must know well the types of the task given. For examples, there are the IELTS writing task 1 and IELTS writing task 2. They have different orders and the way to complete them is also different.
The topics also tend to be different between the general training and academic module of the IELTS tests. While the academic test may require you to handle the topics about history, science, and the likes, the general training test is more about the daily use of language. Although the general training test seems easier, it doesn’t mean you can underestimate it. You still need to study more diligently.

Have more practices
The key point of passing a test, whatever the test is, is about practices. You should be accustomed to with the tasks and the types of materials. So, after knowing the type of IELTS to take, next, you must have more practices. You should not worry, there are many books offered that are full of the IELTS tasks. Meanwhile, there are also online sites for IELTS test simulation.
Prepare around 2 hours per day to learn and practice the tasks. In the beginning, the score you find is probably not satisfying. But after several days, you can see the improvement. Besides, you can check the answers while learning about the mistakes you have previously made. This way, it is highly possible for you to have a high score in IELTS without even taking any courses.

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